Friday, October 19, 2012

5 Cool Things You Might Have Missed In FastFig

By Brian Peacock

For those of you already enjoying the simplicity of FastFig, there are some more subtle features that you might want to make use of to streamline your work flow:

  1. Screen shot 2012-10-19 at 10.56.02 AMUse the Search for Calculations -
    You can type FastFig code into the search box and get a result back.  I use this all the time when I am writing a longer program and want to test a little snippet of code.  I just open up the search tab and solve away.

  2. Paste In Functions - When you search using the search tab on the calculate page, you can press the + button next to each result to paste the function into your code--arguments and all.  You can also do the same thing with variables in the variables table at the bottom of the page.

  3. Change Variable Order - You can click and drag the left side of each variable in the variables table to change their order.  This is convenient for organizing your thinking and for preparing the model for publication since the order of the variables will become the order of the arguments.

  4. Switch the Result View - When you get a result back, use the drop-down menu next to it to switch between FastFig code, LaTeX equation and numerical views.

  5. Make Use of Key Codes

  • Screen shot 2012-10-19 at 10.58.13 AM
    Shift-Enter:  Solve

  • Ctrl/Cmd-S: Save

  • Ctrl/Cmd-F: Find

  • Shift-Ctrl/Cmd-T: Show Tools Tab

  • Shift-Ctrl/Cmd-S: Show Search Tab

  • Shift-Ctrl/Cmd-M: Show Me Tab

Let us know how you are using FastFig!

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