Wednesday, October 31, 2012

When Will FastFig Have Graphs?

We've had many users ask us when FastFig will have graphing features. If you are familiar with Sage, the computational software that powers FastFig, you know that it includes some graphing capabilities.  You might be asking yourself why FastFig itself does not also include these features.  

We believe in an intuitive and smooth user experience.  We want to defy the learning curve.  The plot command used to create graphs in other languages (including Sage) just doesn't cut it for us.  We are creating a plotting interface that is entirely graphical so that you can create complex technical graphs just like you would in Excel.  

The second reason that we did not use the graphing features of Sage is that they are entirely image based. That would mean that every time you update your plot it would take a second or so to send the changes to the server and generate a new image for you. We can't have that! We are FastFig after all! 

So, in a few weeks time, FastFig will roll out interactive browser-based graphing. FastFig will let you create beautiful graphs that you can use in your reports, presentations and even on your website.  As to why you don't have it yet; we need to make sure it's just right.

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