Friday, February 1, 2013

FastFig Development Update

Hey Fig Buddies,

Just wanted to take a quick minute to update you on some of the things that we've done this week.

  • You can now print your FigPads to pdf. This is pretty important for those using FastFig for math homework.
  • We fleshed out the "tour" tutorial that walks you through the FigPad. We got some feedback that it was a little sparse.
  • We reorganized Fig School and introduced Dr. Fig, to whom figgers can ask questions and report issues.
  • One of our biggest pieces of feedback from new users was on syntax rules. We're pleased to unveil a new syntax library.
  • And, best of all, we've added sharing. Now you can send your FigPads to other users, and you and your Fig Buddies (yes, we never get tired of that pun) can collaborate on the documents together. 
We're very excited about these developments, and we'll be continuing to roll out new features in the coming weeks. If there's something you want to see, or a bug you'd like to report, feel free to do it here or via

Some other news and notes: 
  • We're ranked on the second page of Google for "payment terms."
  • Thanks to everyone who responded to the last couple posts. The discussion was extremely helpful. 
  • For our friends back east, it's currently sunny and 72 degrees in Austin, Texas.

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