Monday, May 20, 2013

Introducing FastFig Premium

Hey there Fig Buddies,

Today, after many long months of work, we’re excited to announce the next level of FastFig. FastFig Premium brings the convenience and power of FastFig to your mobile devices, allowing you to type and solve math anywhere from a tablet or phone.

FastFig Premium is less than $6 per month for six months, and the first month is free. For new users, FastFig Premium also gives you unlimited FigPad storage and the ability to print and save pads as pdfs, as well as access to all the new and upcoming FastFig features as they are rolled out.

We really hope you’ll consider trying out the new FastFig Premium, even if it’s just to see how cool it is to use on your tablet or phone.

As always, if you’ve got any feedback for us on how to make FastFig more awesome, or ways we can help you teach and solve math better, we’d love to hear from you. Just drop us a line at, or tweet us at @FastFig.

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