Sunday, June 23, 2013

Big Changes in the Works for FastFig

Greetings Fig buddies!

We’ve been incredibly busy the past few weeks working on a major update for FastFig. We’ve sent our best numeral wranglers out into the frontier to retrieve more unruly integers, and our operator smiths have been hammering away at the finest integral symbols the land has ever seen.

And our work has paid off, so we wanted to let you know that, starting Monday, FastFig will look a little different.

Here’s what you can look forward to:
  • A new FigPad that makes your notes look like real math. Now you can write problems just like you would with a paper and pencil, except they will be editable, sustainable and neater.
  • Higher-level symbols like series and definite integrals work in an intuitive, visually clean way. At the same time, expanded lower-level symbols like fractions make FastFig an even better tool for middle and late elementary school classes.
  • FastFig Premium users will be able to turn off autosolve for their pads, allowing educators to see every step of a student’s problem-solving without the power of the full FastFig engine.
It will look and feel different, but don't be scared! We'll have lots of resources to help you get oriented.

See you soon with all our new bells and whistles!
-The FastFig Team

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