Monday, June 17, 2013

Math Monday: Can We Give Every Classroom Internet Access?

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We've been hard at work on a major update (more on that Friday), but it's been a big month for math and edtech, so I wanted to make sure we kept our Math Mondays rolling. The news from around the math/edtech world:
The eighth-graders wrote and recorded their answers on the tablet computer and also voiced over an explanation of how they solved each problem. With a click, they emailed their finished test to the teacher. 
Make it about math, and you've basically got our vision. For more on this evolving part of the edtech landscape, check out Matt Levinson's piece on the "screenager" generation.
Lastly,  you may have heard that President Obama announced plans to get high-speed Internet into 99% of school classrooms within five years. We've been known to go on rants before about the woeful lack of Internet connectivity and infrastructure in education (and we know some are trying to fix it), so ConnectED would be great. But there are usually some hiccups between an idea that sounds great and actually making it happen, so we'll stay cautiously optimistic. The LEAD commission followed the announcement up with a five-point plan that included getting digital devices in the hands of every student by 2020.

Okay, enough serious stuff. Take a break from work and go do mental_floss' Monday Math Square. Studies say short breaks for brain teasers increase productivity:

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