Monday, January 6, 2014

Fresh FastFig for the New Year

Today we're very excited to release a brand new version of FastFig with some great new features for you to enjoy.
  1. A Fresh New Interface — You'll immediately notice FastFig looks completely different. We listened to your feedback and switched the notebook interface to a traditional file tree system.  Don't worry, all of your documents are still there, they are now in a folder under the name of the notebook.  Plus, making new documents and adding folders has never been easier.
  2. Photo Editing — We integrated the  Aviary  photo editor into FastFig so that you can edit pictures right in FastFig.  You can add effects, create borders, crop, resize, rotate, adjust brightness and contrast and much, much more!
  3. Videos — We heard from many of your that videos would be a great addition to a FastFig document and we agree!  By clicking the video button in the toolbar, you can add YouTube, Vimeo, and TeacherTube videos! You can use this for lesson videos, instructional videos or just plain fun videos.
  4. Greek Letters — We added a full set of greek letters to the keyboard, just click the Σ button in the upper left of the keyboard header or swipe all the way to the right on mobile.   Pro-tip:  You can type the names of greek letters into an equation and they will automatically convert to their symbol.  If you capitalize the first letter it will be uppercase, if you don't it will be lower case. i.e. "Delta" becomes Δ and "delta" becomes δ.
  5. FastFig Web Embedding — You can now easily embed FastFig document in your own website, blog or anything that supports HTML embeds.  All you have to do is hit the share button in the top right of the toolbar and click "Embed" and copy and paste the HTML code into your webpage or blogging software.
Thanks so much to all of our users for providing the feedback that made this possible!

Take a look:

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