Thursday, July 10, 2014

What We're up to Lately..

Summer is in full swing and here at FastFig we are staying true to our name and movin’ on forward… fast! Here’s a little peek into what we’re working on...

Building our Staff: Welcome to our two new interns Sharon and Evan! Sharon, our Communications and Growth intern is working to amp up both our online and offline presence in the edtech community. Evan, our development intern is coding up a storm, working on everything from mobile device optimization to future products!

IMG_2366 - Version 3.jpg

FigPad, coming soon: Get ready, get set, FigPad is almost here! Our dev team has been working hard to release FigPad. ‘scratch paper’ for online math and engineering exams. So what’s the big deal? Currently in the online math testing industry there is no efficient way to capture math students’ thought processes.  Many students are asked to literally rip up their scratch paper in front of a webcam to assure that there are no stray copies of a test. FigPad creates a new level of security for math testing. Student work is captured, saved, and locked/hidden for later review. 

Connecting with Teachers: This summer we are talking to educators to learn more about how FastFig is used, and how it can be used more effectively.  Have you used FastFig? Let us know how you think it’s best used in the classroom. 

and as always, follow us on Twitter @fastfig - we love connecting to the edtech community via Twitter!

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